Getting healthy, a day at the time


The daily nudge is my simple, affordable yet powerful, accountability coaching program. Structured in 2-weeks intervals, it is designed to get you going, and keep you going. It combines my Food, Heart, Soul philosophy, simple goal setting, and habit shaping activities to help you accomplish every one of your health objectives.



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get your brain going and your soul inspired

After you sign up, you’ll receive some lightweight material to get you started, and an initial questionnaire that helps me understand where you are and where you want to be in this journey

Set daily goals you can achieve

As part of the initial set of questions, I will help you choose between 1 and 3 healthy habits you want to hold yourself accountable to during the 2-week interval. To ensure a balanced progress, I'll help you set daily goals for each of our pillars depending on your long term objectives. Whether you want to get and maintain your ideal weight, increase your fitness level, or be more grateful for what you have today, there's a way to get there, one daily goal at the time.

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engage in a supportive community

Since we are doing this as a group, you’ll get an invitation to join a private Facebook group (don’t worry, nobody within the group will have access to your private profile).

Having a support group is crucial to keep us motivated, engaged, and honest!

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experience the power of accountability

Few things feel better than crossing items from a to-do list. Rewarding ourselves after performing a healthy routine creates long-lasting habits.

Use The Daily Nudge as a reminder to complete your daily goal. Check each goal as you complete them. Over the span of the two weeks, track your progress and experience the fulfillment of being accountable with yourself.

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connect with the group

Twice during the 2-week interval we’ll do a group live chat to check-in, share stories, and help each other out.

All along, I’ll be observing progression and helping the group develop long-lasting healthy habits!


Sign up for an upcoming 2-week Daily Nudge or send me your questions