Holistic Health Coach

I believe we can all achieve true transformational change

As daunting and challenging our situation might be

within us lies the inspiration and power

to take control of our lives

and achieve our objectives

whatever those may be

During my own journey of self discovery

I found three fundamental pillars

that helped me heal, get healthy, and stay healthy

Food. heart. soul.




Food is our fuel. It acts as medicine to maintain our health as well as to prevent and treat disease. Food is not healthy in itself, we become healthy when we eat nutritious food. I learned that nutritious doesn't necessarily mean boring. With just a few tips and change in habits we can manage to eat healthy, nutritious food that not only keeps us healthy but we also get to enjoy.




A healthy diet needs to be complemented with a healthy dose of exercise. Staying active is crucial to our overall health and wellbeing. Whether is a brisk walk, training for an event, lifting weights, or whatever else you might be into, building physical activity into your daily life is the perfect complement to your hearty diet. 





We are not rational beings but emotional beings that reason. Only when we embrace our whole self, we unlock our happiness and possibilities. Developing healthy relationships, practicing any form of spirituality that feeds our souls is as important as eating a nutritious meal, or a good workout.