Holistic Health Coach

Helping people get healthy and stay healthy


The junction of two defining journeys of my life, cooking and whole food eating crystallized my real passion: helping others as a Health Coach.

My culinary journey when I was just six years old. My fondest memories as a young girl are undoubtedly in the kitchen. Whenever I came back from school, spending time among pots and pans was my retreat, my place in the world, my creative outlet, the place I would want to stay forever if my parents would've let me.

Of course, I had a reason: my grandma Ita was there with me everyday cooking, teaching, talking, sharing. She was my culinary mentor, my inspiration, the most kind-hearted person I've ever known. 

My second quest started five years ago after having some health issues. I committed to the challenge, and what started as a whole nutrient-dense clean eating diet, completely transformed me physically and emotionally in such a profound way that would change my life, forever.

During this time of discovery, I learned that health is not something that happens miraculously; that getting and staying active is not only for instructors, personal trainers and athletes; and that if I could achieve my goals, anyone else can too. It does, though, require commitment and discipline. And learning. And loving yourself.

I’ve learned that health is a journey, not a destination. That we need to strive every day to seek balance in your career, relationships, physical activities, and spirituality.

With knowledge, compassion, and intuition I guide people through the rewarding path of dietary and lifestyle transformation by supporting them in making behavioral changes, identifying obstacles, helping with goal setting, and positive reinforcement.

I’m aligned with the idea of taking a holistic approach to supporting the whole person and am convinced that we achieve our goals, one step at the time (as opposed to prescribing quick fixes and medications which fail to improve long-term health and wellness.)

When not in the kitchen or helping people in their transformational journey, I’m an avid hiker, yogi and loves anything that involves being active.

I'm a certified Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.