Are you feeding your soul?

When was the last time you did something you enjoyed and was just for you and nobody else?
When it comes to helping our clients achieve health and well-being goals, we as Health Coaches can't stress this idea enough. Taking care and learning about how food and regular exercise can improve our lives is important; but feeding our souls by pampering ourselves and listening to our needs is an essential part of the healthy journey as well.
We have a tendency to feel guilty when doing things that nurture our spirit, often neglecting this because we forget that body, mind, and spirit are all connected, and optimum health can only be achieved when all three areas are balanced.
We need to be adequately nourished to give and be able to receive.

Now, self-care it's different for everyone: have you taken a massage lately? Have you sat at your favorite coffee shop and caught up with your latest book? Have you enrolled in that painting class you've been wanting to attend?
Not all forms of self-indulgence need to be high commitment or high cost. Here are a few suggestions:
- Soak in a hot bubble bath
- Attend a restorative yoga class
- Have a hearty breakfast
- Go to the beach and walk barefoot
- Take a dance class
- Catch up with a long-lost friend
- Get a facial
- Get a mani/pedi
- Get a foot massage
- Spend a day in your PJ's
- Play with your pet!
- Attend a meditation class
- Take a nap
- Feed a hobby or passion
- Loose yourself in a book
- Listen/Move to music
- Inhale an aroma you love
- Write something
- Breathe and be present

I hope you find in this post the gentle reminder to take care of yourself. Share with me how did you decide to do it!

Love, Laura